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Rehearsals & REcruitment

Time:  We rehearse Saturday Mornings from 10am - 12pm (see below for dates)

Venue: Testlands Hub, Green Lane, Southampton, SO16 9RG

We are always recruiting for new members of the Orchestra.  Currently we have over 50 young players and are always looking for more.  We have parts available for the following instruments: 

Strings: Violin | Viola | Cello | Double Bass

Brass: Trumpet | Cornet | Trombone | French Horn | Euphonium | Baritone | Tuba

Woodwind: Flute | Clarinet | Saxophones | Oboe | Bassoon

Percussion: Drums | Orchestral Percussion

The orchestra rehearse in two ability groups (1. Beginner to Grade 2) (2. Grade 2+) for young people of all primary and secondary age groups. 


What to expect

We rehearse each week during term time and perform regularly each year.  We arrange and bring in published music to high levels of standard to continuously challenge and encourage our players to reach new heights in their musical development. 

We run two groups of ability throughout rehearsals and bring all players together to rehearse and perform party pieces and larger scale repertoire.  This encourages an opportunity for all players to work together and gives our higher ability players the time to shine and inspire the next generation. 

With currently over 50 members,  we adopt an atmosphere of fun that ensures all members have the time to socialise during break time.  Our players bring games, snacks, purchase sweets from our tuck shop, chat away and laughter comes as standard at our rehearsals. 

We also create kid-driven 'challenge' games that we film and post on youtube (see below) to share our passion to encourage as many young people as we can to learn to play a musical instrument and join an orchestra.

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We Perform

We perform many times throughout the year at a variety of different events.  Most of all, we feature heavily in Showcase concerts each term.  Notably, in January 2017 we performed at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton, one of the countries most prestigious professional theatre venues. 

We try to perform to as many people as we can throughout the year as possible.  This aids our effort to encourage more young people to join an orchestra.  We create large scale performance pieces such as our recent New Orleans style feature 'Oh When the Saints.' 

We use a local church many times a year to invite families and friends along to hear the achievements of their young ones in recital.  We use these events as opportunities for our players to perform solo items on their instrument to further encourage their development and boost their self-confidence and esteem levels. 

We learn to play a huge variety of genres ranging from classical, pop, film, theatre and jazz music.  This challenges our young stars to sight-read and adopt an understanding of the many disciplines a musician needs in order to accomplish each different style. 


How to join

You can join Young Players simply by sending a text to 07851771351 with some details so that we can contact you. 

Also, you are welcome to email our Musical Director, Alex at who will be able to send you further information and answer any queries you may have. 

Rehearsal Dates - SUMMER TERM 2018:

September 2018: 15th (first rehearsal back) 

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